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Anthology Hotels and Residences


We’ve created spaces that feel undoubtedly worldly, in the intimacy of a sanctuary, exquisitely tailored to each destination. A sensorial journey where every step draws you into another realm, away from the mundane, to support your quest for balance and serenity, amidst a soothing, tranquil and revitalising resort setting that immerses in the DNA of the locale.


Anthology returns to the origins of luxury. The craft of being a host, where the relationship between host and guest is elevated into a form of art – where it is about nurturing a relationship, creating poetry in a moment, and establishing heartfelt connections – it is simply the true essence of hospitality.


Each Anthology property is an invitation to journey into the soul of the world’s most extraordinary destinations, richly layered with stories, where discovery lies in every space – an adventure in itself. From curated a la carte breakfast traditions around the world and time-honoured afternoon tea rituals to tailored programmes that give you access to China’s vast cultural heritage in a way never offered before, we bring the finest curated hospitality, gastronomy, and wellness experiences to your doorstep.



Shanghai, China

Anthology Residences
Shanghai East Bund

Tucked away in an oasis where Shanghai's iconic Huangpu river meets the flourishing East Bund district, Anthology Residences Shanghai East Bund is home to a privileged few. Modern design sensibility intertwines with the legacy of the exceptional destination, combined with peerless bespoke service and utmost privacy to offer ulra-luxury residences of unmatched style. Residents and their guests will have access to the finest hospitality, gastronomic and wellness experiences, with a private club offering lifestyle experiences that far exceed any others, along with preferential access to all hotel facilities.

Opening late 2026

Guangzhou, China

Anthology Hotel
Guangzhou T.I.T.

The pinnacle of luxury living set against the backdrop of Guangzhou's international economic hub district, Anthology Hotel Guangzhou T.I.T. is an invitation to journey into an extraordinary space where every turn, every doorway, is a contemplation of artistic flair and ideas, amidst the profound intimacy of a private haven. 260 generously-appointed guestrooms, and exquisitely-appointed private residences, temper the dynamism of the locale with a sensorial and tranquil resort setting, whilst numerous amenities and facilities including a rooftop terrace and pool featuring panoramic city views, offer a truly exceptional experience.

Opening early 2025